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If you have contacted the police about a scam you experienced, you may have been referred to the ACORN website to report the event. It is important to understand ACORN in order for you to get the most out of your report.

What ACORN is:

1. A national policing initiative designed to combat cybercrime and inform the relevant authorities of evolving threats.
2. A national, centralised and specialised cybercrime (online scams, identity theft, and hacking) reporting platform.

What ACORN does:

1. Collects reported events that are capable of being investigated.
2. Forwards these cases to the relevant Australian police agency for investigation.
3. Records data from all reports to guide cybercrime prevention strategies.

Why Should I Report An Event To ACORN?

Because of the nature of modern cybercrime, not all reported events are able to be investigated.  Scammers can commit crime from anywhere in the world while using false names, email addresses, and hidden IP addresses (unique computer identification numbers).

If a country outside  Australia has outdated laws around cybercrime, criminals can use these legal loopholes to commit crimes without breaking their local laws. This is a complicated and frustrating situation for police.

It is the objective of ACORN that, even if your event can not be investigated, the information you provide in your report can be used to help others. The prevention of future cybercrime is built upon what we learn from today’s cybercrime.

Accurately and thoroughly completing your ACORN report increases the value of your report. This value is to your benefit if your event can be investigated.  The value is to Australia’s benefit as an accumulation of knowledge and experience.  Reporting your story can help all Australians better prevent and counteract the evolving environment of cybercrime.

It is currently the stance of iDcare that in addition to contacting iDcare to create your personal response plan, cybercrime events should be reported via the ACORN website.