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Public Holiday Closures

Our hard working volunteers need a rest! iDcare’s Case Management Centre will be closed on Monday 8 June 2015 (Queen’s Birthday) and Friday 12 June 2015 (Sunshine Coast Show Day). Our home page web form may be completed during these days or you may choose to leave a message (accessible via 1300 432 273). Please check out our Resources tab above for some identity first aid.

Latest Data Analysis on ID Theft

iDcare has provided partners with our most recent quarterly report on the latest trends and developments from across Australia and New Zealand. Driver licences, banking information, and passports continue to be of most interest to identity thieves. The most common forms of compromise include email hacking, telephone scams (leading to remote access to computers) and physical theft of credentials. The most common forms of misuse include fraudulent tax returns, retail purchases, and unauthorised financial account access. Mobile phone porting continues to loom large for consumers. This is when your mobile phone is ‘ported’ to another carrier without your consent. This is done by identity thieves to assist in accessing your SMS / text message banking and email authorisation codes.

If you think you may have experienced any of the above, call iDcare (1300 432 2730), shoot us an email <>, or complete our web form. Don’t think addressing the specific issue is enough. Identity criminals don’t give the information back. In fact, it’s quite common for such thieves to on-sell your information. Our service is free and anonymous to individuals and accessible for small business operators.

Introducing the Staff of iDcare

iDcare staff consist of Case Managers and Research Analysts. As at June 2015, we have 29 people working on various activities in support of iDcare’s primary objective – to reduce the harm of identity theft on the Australian and New Zealand communities. Our Case Managers are experienced counsellors, criminologists, psychologists and students within these disciplines that undertake clinical placements with iDcare. Our work environment is caring, professional and fun! We find our volunteers are highly motivated and always go above and beyond to help our clients. These clients can call us on any issue involving their personal information. Our Case Managers have learnt that when the call comes through to our Case Management Centre they should expect anything. Our Research Analysts examine case files to identify emerging trends and impacts to help with our community awareness work, support partner organisations, and test organisational response plans. Response plans provide specific information about specific organisations and how they respond to clients (and non-clients) confronted by identity theft. iDcare tests organisations in their response to identity theft. We know who is naughty and who is nice. We get behind the fluffy “Client Charters” and maintain a contemporary view of what our clients are likely to confront when they engage with organisations across business and government. For our partners, iDcare works with these organisations to genuinely enhance their customer experience. Our clients represent millions of dollars of business for organisations. For organisations that don’t have robust response measures, this can mean millions of dollars go elsewhere.