IDCARE Australia & New Zealand’s National Identity & Cyber Support Service AU: 1300 432 273 NZ: 0800 201 415

Who Works at iDcare

iDcare is supported by talented staff that have experience across a range of disciplines with diverse life experiences. Our staff are experienced in trauma counselling, psychology, information security, education, accounting, and even programming. As a baseline our case managers must be members of either the Australian Counselling Association, the Australian Psychological Society, or the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology with at least 200 hours of experience working directly with individuals responding to crime. All case managers must have Blue Cards (Queensland’s working with children check).

Our Clinical Placement Program

iDcare recognises the value of supporting student pathways to professional accreditation and has an active clinical placement program. Clinical placements are offered to students throughout Australia and New Zealand who are undertaking courses that will lead to professional accreditation. Placements are offered throughout the year, and are supervised by experienced staff.

If you are interested in volunteering at iDcare or applying for one of our clinical placement opportunities, please email an expression of interest to

iDcare Placement Program

Our Research Program

iDcare is an active supporter of tertiary sector research that is applied and assists organisations and the broader community to respond to identity crime. iDcare supports researchers from a number of leading tertiary sector institutions. We believe in the basic principles of researching to create knowledge that mitigates risk. This can apply at all levels of the identity eco-system, and as such, our research partners are undertaking projects on technology, process and human interactions to enhance controls, participation in security endeavours, and prevention measures.

For further information on our research and clinical placement program, please refer to:

How Personality Impacts the Incidence of Identity Theft and the Psychological Wellbeing of Victims

iDcare Placement Program

iDcare Clinical Placement & Research Policy