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Telephone scam targeting mandarin speakers

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Data breach response

Cyber incident response specialists helping you recover from data breaches and other cyber related issues.

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24 X 7 incident response

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When the inevitable occurs, IDCARE is there to support Premium subscribers to tap into our extensive knowledge of consumer impacts from personal information compromise and provide an independent and expert view of the likelihood of serious harm to impacted persons. These Harm Assessments are used extensively across business and government to directly support incident response teams in evaluating empirically what particular combinations of compromised credentials and other personal information attributes could be misused, how and what mitigation strategies can best address these risks. Harm Assessments also examine the likely behavioural impacts on affected individuals and enable Incident Respondents to focus on what really matters.
24/7 Incident Response


IDCARE connect the community to our expert Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors who listen and provide the best advice on how to respond to data breaches, scams, identity theft, and cyber security concerns.

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IDCARE's independent and expert service is like no other. We conduct independent incident management reviews, we conduct leading research, and we share new knowledge.



IDCARE respond to many types of identity and cyber security concerns, including identity theft, hacking, phishing, telephone scams, romance scams, investment scams, data breaches, ransomware, and lost or stolen credentials.

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IDCARE develop insights relating to individuals and organisations that address response deficiencies and vulnerabilities that impact community, customers and staff.



Our Learning Centre is a key resource for visitors to learn how to prepare, prevent, detect and respond.
This is where IDCARE prescribes and offers immediate treatment for identity theft and other cyber related concerns.

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Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest news regarding identity theft and cyber security. IDCARE regularly posts new articles and updates. Be sure to visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for realtime updates on trending topics.

Telephone scam targeting mandarin speakers

Since late March 2020 there has been a notable spike in scams targeting the Chinese-Australian community.

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July 10, 2020

Privacy in a Pandemic

Join Privacy Commissioners from Australia and New Zealand with IDCARE'S Managing Director for a COVID-19 Discussion.

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April 29, 2020

Help Platforms

Support Services

IDCARE help's individuals and organisations across Australia and New Zealand who have concerns about their identity or related cyber security.

Individual Support Services

IDCARE supports members of the community across Australia and New Zealand who have concerns about their identity or related cyber security. Please consider engaging us to receive free practical and behavioural support if you have experienced:

Stolen credentials, such as driver licence

Remote access of your device

Credit report inaccuracies

Telephone scams

Organisation Support Services

IDCARE’s organisational subscriptions are available to industry, government and not-for-profits, large and small. Becoming an organisational subscriber means that you can provide your staff and your clients with premium support services.

Business subscriptions

Large organisation subscriptions

Services that improve your organisation’s resilience

Services that build customer and staff confidence


IDCARE have a great many subscribers who care enough about their customers to care about us.

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IDCARE 's core business is supporting the community. We offer outstanding service with dedicated Identity & Cyber Security Case Managers to help you with your cyber related concerns.


Christine was terrific to talk to, she reassured me that I wasn’t as silly as I thought I was and guided me through the process of the best way to protect my identity. She did not hurry me through the process and seemed to take a genuine interest in my case.


I want you to know how professional your response was to our phone call; the right information, right contact details, right advice and genuine concern for the wellbeing of my Dad.


It is wonderful to have someone so skilled and understanding in a such a highly stressful situation. I would recommend your service to anyone who finds themselves in a situation of identity theft or cyber crime.


IDCARE is here to provide you with specialist support and guidance when faced with a cyber and identity related issue. Contact one of our Identity & Cyber Security Case Managers to learn more about our Support Services and how we can help you.   
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