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PageUp Limited Data Incident


On Friday 1 June 2018 PageUp Limited, an online recruitment services organisation, notified their customers about a data incident in relation to the integrity of their systems – proactively informing of a possible br..

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Romance Scams


This week our identity analysists have been focusing on the workflow of relationship scams based on IDCARE's analysis of over 300 relationship scam cases reported from 2014 to 2018. Romance scams are complex; emotion..

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Scam targeting mandarin speakers


Since late March 2018 there has been a notable spike in scams targeting the Chinese-Australian community. On most occasions the recipient receives a pre-recorded message in Mandarin asking the recipient to either pre..

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Targeting Scams


Last night on The Project our Lead Identity Security Analyst Moises Sanabria chatted all things scams and offered tips on how to avoid them, check it out...! Targeting Scams (

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QLD Aftermath Report 2018


This report provides a summary of impacts identity and cyber-related crimes had on Queensland, as well as broader Australian community trends throughout calendar year 2017. It aims to inform readers about the exp..

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Western Union Remission


A joint investigation between the United States Federal Trade Commission, the United States Department of Justice, and the United States Postal Inspection Service in 2017 resulted in a settlement of USD $586 million ..

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