Breach Response Portal for Individuals

If an organisation has notified you about a data breach, you can receive independent advice from the experts at IDCARE.
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IDCARE is a national community organisation and charity that supports individuals confront the exposure of information.  Our advice to individuals is impartial, contemporary and aims to address risks if personal, account or credential information are exposed. 

Our services are free to the community. We are funded by organisations that pay for their customers to be referred to our specialist case management team and for our insights on threats and their impacts on our community.  

The Breach Response Portal for Individuals provides you with tailored advice based on the risks we assess from the many tens of thousands of cases we action each year. The Portal gives you actions to consider and if there are actions you want IDCARE to take on your behalf we extend this support via our award winning National Case Management Centre. Get Help channels are available within. 

Around 20% of our funding comes from Government for delivering our unique services and insights and paid retrospectively. The funding we generate from this work is then diverted to ensuring we can deliver our community services for free. It is a unique operating model and one not driven by profit, but by a need to make our community more resilient to these crimes.
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Annual Community Engagements
"I want you to know how professional your response was to our phone call; the right information, the right contact details, right advice and genuine concern for the wellbeing of my dad"
- John, IDCARE Client
"It is wonderful to have someone so skilled and understanding in such a highly stressful situation. I would recommend your service to anyone who finds themselves caught up in identity theft or cyber-crime."
- Kathy, IDCARE Client
"Your staff were fantastic and totally put my mind at ease. I was so worried when I received the notification letter as I had just started to close on a house and was really having trouble sleeping at night. After speaking to the helpful folks at IDCARE I slept like a baby!"
- Rob, IDCARE Client