The Outdoor Education Group

The Outdoor Education Group (OEG) is a large Not for Profit organisation based in Victoria and has been trading for more than thirty years. It has a strong trading history and has assets valued at over eleven million dollars. It is self-financing based on fees for service. It fits within the education sector. Outdoor Education is increasingly becoming part of the curriculum for many schools.

OEG operates school outdoor education programs across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, with expeditions now also taking place in the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Queensland. Programs run from one-day to thirty-three-days and typically involve activities such as bushwalking, canoeing, rafting, cycling, sea kayaking or rock climbing. This type of activity accounts for 85% of revenue.

We also have six residential Camps which make up the remaining 15% of OEG’s revenue. Residential camps form the ‘entry level’ of our programs and are especially suitable for younger participants.

We have a workforce of over 340 staff, with an administrative and management team in excess of sixty staff. Many of our staff members work both ‘in the field’ with participants, as well as in planning, logistics and administration.

We plan greater geographic diversity with our Eildon head office functions (National Base) shared across different Camp locations in multiple states. There will be sales offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Equipment warehouses will be in Eildon (North-East Victoria), Southern Highlands NSW, and South Australia. An extensive IT network binds these activities together using NBN with the main servers based in Eildon and mirrored in Moss Vale (NSW). We welcome many challenges of working and running outdoor education programs in the bush and one further challenge we face is running an IT system throughout the bush of South east Australia!