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IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service. We work with subscribers across the public and private sectors to enhance critical services on behalf of over 1.7 million Australians and New Zealanders impacted by the misuse of their identity information each year.

Being a subscriber of IDCARE ensures your organisation is able to best mitigate and respond to your staff and customers when bad things happen to their good name. Our services are backed and promoted by Government and cover any type of physical or online compromise and misuse event involving personal information.

Our organisation compromises two parts

National Case Management Centre

Telephone and online support to individuals and member organisations confronting risks to personal information.

National Identity Lab

Creates new knowledge and how best to mitigate and respond to risk

Subscribing with IDCARE means;

A dedicated Subscriber Liaison Officer to assist your organisation to understand the personal information risks and how to manage these.

An independent view on what works in preventing and responding to risks to personal information in your custody.

Your customers and staff can directly access our premium support services that rebuild their identity and confidence following compromise and misuse events.

Access to the latest trends and emerging personal information threats likely to impact your business.

A dedicated advisory service that is committed to working with you every step of the way should your business confront data breaches or some other form of personal information loss.

What your customer & staff journey looks like without IDCARE

The thousands of Australians and New Zealanders we hear from every year provide incredible insights on the quality of industry and government responses to identity and cyber security threats.
It will take on average 23 hours for your customers and staff to respond to the compromise of personal information
Your customers and staff will need to engage on average seven different organisations and make at least fifteen phone calls.
The performance of other organisations during the response will influence what your customers and staff think about your organisation.
At some point in our lives we will experience the compromise of our personal information.
One in eight customers will require mental health treatment as a result of how they will be treated during response.
According to the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department (2016) and IDCARE’s own telephone household surveys (2013 & 2016), between 6% and 8% of adults will experience the compromise of their personal information each year - equating to over 1.7 million people.
Knowledge Transfer

Through delivering a national support service, IDCARE is able to provide our subscribers with the most current information on identity and cyber threats and trends impacting individual consumers, business and government. These insights directly support member knowledge gains, including:

How to evaluate the seriousness of data breach events on impacted individuals;

What influences individuals in their attribution of blame for identity and cyber security events;

Behavioural insights on what influences individuals in their decisions to enable identity and cyber security events.

Decicated Support

IDCARE takes the worry out of trying to figure out what to do when it comes to personal information protection, risk detection and treatment. That’s our speciality and is only a phone call away to a dedicated Case Manager.

Our staff are expert identity and cyber security practitioners that know the things your staff and customers need. Subscriber organisational staff and customers benefit from IDCARE’s premium services.

These services take on much of the leg work in building identity resilience, understanding the risk following a compromise or misuse event, and working across the identity and cyber security ecosystem on behalf of clients. Without this service individuals will be spending on average 23 hours in response.

Tailored Assessment

Identity and cyber crimes are growing exponentially. IDCARE helps you better understand how well your organisation mitigates and responds to these threats in a way that is tailored to your operating environment and needs.

Our work across law enforcement and Government provides IDCARE with a unique view of the identity threats impacting the Australian and New Zealand communities. Your organisation is provided a tailored assessment on how well you are placed to respond to these threats. It’s a great starting point to our partnership and an even better way you can demonstrate to your staff and customers that you care.

Subscription Advantage

IDCARE’s corporate partners include leaders in banking,
communications, anti-virus, and insurance. Why not benefit from these relationships through our Subscriber Advantage program. This is where your dollar goes further on the essentials for running a successful business. Our staff are expert identity and cyber security practitioners that know the things your staff and customers need. Subscriber organisational staff and customers benefit from IDCARE’s premium services.

Our Subscriber Advantage program gives your organisation the chance to reduce your insurance premiums, pay less on communications, make your hard earned money go further, and build the most cost effective defences to emerging threats. It’s our way of giving you even more incentive to become an IDCARE subscriber. Discounts are offered to subscribers periodically.

Community Engagement

A key objective of IDCARE is to work with organisations,
community groups and individuals to build their capability to respond to identity and cyber crime risks. Our learning and engagement work focuses on delivering training, education and information sessions at low to no cost for attendees.

Since May 2013, IDCARE has delivered fraud resilience
training to over 2500 participants across Australia and New Zealand. This work takes us to regional, remote and
metropolitan areas. We invite member organisations to shape our learning and engagement programs. It is another way we promote our memberships and the assistance this provides IDCARE in delivering our services.

Your Options

IDCARE is a not-for-profit and registered Australian charity. Our member service delivery is based on whether entities are regulated under the Privacy legislation of Australia and/or New Zealand and the types of member services requested.

Regulated entities are offered three membership packages: Basic, Gold and Premium. All packages provide access to our unique reporting and identity restoration service. Gold membership entitles members to IDCARE’s identity monitoring service and an opportunity to participate in a data breach simulation exercise to test response readiness. Premium members benefit from the full suite of data breach response capabilities as well as all other services offered under an IDCARE membership.

Success Stories!

subscriber services
and where to next

Becoming a subscriber is a simple process. It starts with a call to determine your needs and how
IDCARE’s services can meet these

Step 1

Call 1300 432 273 (Aust) or 0800 201 415 (NZ) and speak with an IDCARE Subscriber Liaison Officer about your organisation’s needs. IDCARE’s subscriber service offerings involve the following:

Accreditation Health Check:
I want to know that my organisation is managing data in accordance with Privacy legislation and regulations and is achieving best practice.

Resilience Building:
providing partners with support in developing data breach response plans, testing organisational knowledge of current and emerging threats, evaluating current detection and response behaviours of staff.

Response Service:
An event has occurred and I need support in understanding the potential harm to impacted individuals and my organisation, what effective response guidance is needed, and coaching and support of those managing response and those impacted by the event.

Post Incident Review:
We need an independent assessment of an event that has occurred, how we responded and what we need to do to prevent it from happening again.

Connecting your customers, clients and staff directly to IDCARE’s National Case Management Centre to receive individual support and turn crisis into confidence.

I want to know that my organisation is managing data in accordance with Privacy legislation and regulations and is achieving best practice.

Capacity Building:
I want to benefit from training and development on how to manage personal information, building my staff capacity and knowledge, and getting the right policies and procedures in place for my organisation

Step 2

With your IDCARE Subscriber Liaison Officer, agree on a tailored subscription plan, costings and deliverables.

AU: 1300 432 273 or NZ: 0800 201 415
PO Box 412, Caloundra, QLD 4551. Australia

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