Professor David Lacey
Managing Director IDCARE and Board Member
David Lacey is founder of IDCARE and has over fifteen years experience in national law enforcement and national security responding to identity theft and misuse threats. David is a Professor of Cyber Security with the Centre for Human Factors & Sociotechnical Systems, University of the Sunshine Coast. His teaching and research engagement with business and government leaders focuses on building consumer-centric approaches to cyber crime prevention and response. David has held numerous Board roles in commercial and not-for-profit organisations and is an active member of government and industry Audit & Risk Committees. David holds undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in accounting & information systems, management and justice, and has published widely on identity and cyber crime and its response. David has implemented national identity security capabilities for government and industry and has worked extensively with community members and organisations seeking to respond to such threats. He brings to IDCARE specialist knowledge in building identity response capabilities and expertise in organisational control systems, performance reporting, and client support.