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What is IDCARE

IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity support service.  We offer personalised support to individuals who are concerned about their personal information. We also work with government and industry (large and small) to independently assess their capacity to respond to contemporary and emerging identity theft and misuse risks – whether physical or online. We do this to lift the standards of response, which in turn, will mean that the impact to clients and consumers from risks to personal information are lessened.

IDCARE operates two critical functions. The first is our National Case Management Centre where our Identity Security Counsellors work directly with clients to provide tailored support in addressing their specific identity needs. The second function is our National Identity Lab. This is resourced with Identity Security Analysts, postgraduate research students and visiting academics and industry innovators who work on some of the world’s biggest identity security problems and emerging challenges. Some of these projects include developing smarter responses to phishing attacks, dark web carder markets, and mapping the identity ecosystem and control performance. We have university partners from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Our research work is critical in building leading knowledge on how the community needs to respond to current and emerging identity threats.

Who Works at IDCARE

IDCARE is supported by talented and qualified staff that have experience across a range of disciplines with diverse life experiences. Our staff are trained and experienced in counselling, psychology, information security, education, accounting, and even programming.  All case managers have Blue Cards (Queensland’s working with children check), undergo police background checks and organisational suitability checks.

IDCARE recognises the value of supporting student pathways to professional accreditation and has an active clinical placement program. See our Placement page for more information.

Key Questions & Answers

Does IDCARE charge for its assistance to individuals? No. IDCARE is funded by government and industry to deliver our case management services to the Australian and New Zealand communities.

Does IDCARE collect my personal information? For our mainstream service to clients IDCARE does not need to collect personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, address or any credential information (such as credit card details, account numbers, driver licence numbers). That’s the stuff at risk. However, IDCARE at times is called upon to assist law enforcement and other partners to respond to disasters (natural and unnatural) where we work intensively with Next of Kin to protect the identity of those missing and deceased. IDCARE also works with survivors of family and domestic violence, and where it is consented to by these clients, IDCARE undertakes a comprehensive Identity Vulnerability Assessment and produces an Anonymisation & Identity Protection Plan that does include specific identifying details.

Can IDCARE act on my behalf to resolve my issue? IDCARE advises and advocates on behalf of our clients and partners. This means where IDCARE recognises that an engagement our client has with another party is not consistent with our own knowledge of processes and capabilities, IDCARE will seek to intervene – particularly in situations where without such intervention the client or partner organisation is likely to experience harm. In these circumstances IDCARE may act as a “broker” between a client or partner organisation and the third party.

Can IDCARE provide legal advice? No. iDcare is not a legal advisory firm. We can direct you to an appropriate legal provider if needed.

Are IDCARE staff experienced in what they do? Yes. IDCARE is resourced with Identity Security Counsellors that have membership with relevant behavioural professional bodies, such as the Australian Counselling Association and the Australian Psychology Association, have successfully completed our in-depth Identity Security Induction Program, and receive on-going mentoring and professional development. Our Identity Security Analysts are amongst the leaders in identity security research across the world. IDCARE has a College of Experts that assist in guiding our strategic research program and who publish leading papers on identity security and response. Our Board members have incredible experience and skills that provide an excellent governance structure.

What’s a response plan? Response plans are our knowledge of how individual organisations across government and industry respond to identity theft and misuse. Our plans detail what each organisation requires their customers or clients to do, when, how, and by what means. Our response plans translate into actionable and practical strategies for our clients.

What other work does IDCARE do? You can imagine that our case management centre gets some pretty good firsthand views on how organisations are treating their customers and clients. IDCARE, with the agreement of our clients, provides anonymised and aggregate reporting to our partner organisations on how their customers and clients are finding their engagement and critically, what improvements can be made in service delivery.

IDCARE also supports an active community engagement program. Whilst our primary objective is to respond to individuals impacted by identity-related threats, IDCARE also values our role in educating community groups, schools, and chambers of commerce on what we see as current and emerging threats. For more information see our Events and Media page.

Does IDCARE share information about clients? Only with the consent of clients does IDCARE share information about emerging identity security risks, threats and trends. For more information please refer to IDCARE’s Privacy Policy.

Can IDCARE advise minors? Yes. Unfortunately identity compromise and misuse can impact minors, particularly those that are acquiring ‘100-points’ of identity for the first time. Our Identity Security Counsellors must have criminal history checks and working with children checks. Our National Case Management Centre is located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and it is a requirement for all staff to have current Blue Cards. For more information about iDcare’s suitability for working with children please refer to our Working With Children and Other Vulnerable People Policy.