Credit Bans 

A ban does not impact your current credit line or credit payments unless credit is due for renewal (ie. credit card about to expire). You will still be able to use any credit cards you currently hold and repay any existing loans. 

A ban is initially valid for 21 days. An extension may be provided with evidence supporting that you are, or are at risk of becoming, a victim of fraud. In most cases this will require you to show that you have either a police report number or an ACORN report number. You will need to apply for bans with all 3 Australian CRA’s: 

  • Equifax (formerly Veda)
  • illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet) and
  • Experian.

 If you have/had a financial footprint in Tasmania you will also need to contact the Tasmanian Collections Services (TASCOL). 

For more information on fraud and bans please go to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner OAIC Fact Sheet 37 or call IDCARE

Applying for a Ban 
  • Equifax: Email”with the subject line ‘Request a ban’. State you are requesting a ban be placed on your credit file as you have been (or may become) a victim of identity theft. Include the following information: Driver Licence number, full name, date of birth, current/ previous address. 'If you have reported this matter to the police or ACORN, please include the reference no. Please Note: When applying for a ban with Equifax you do not need to provide scanned copies of your driver licence, only the number is required. 
  • illion: Email and attach the Ban application form. You will need to provide a copy of a government issued photo ID such as a Driver Licence/Passport/Birth Certificate/Proof of Age card AND a copy of a document issued by an official body (e.g. utility bill or bank statement), which includes your name and address. 
  • Experian: Email with the subject line: ‘Add Ban’ to . Include your phone number in the body of the email and scanned copies of 3 forms of ID; 1. Driver Licence, 2. Medicare card and 3. Utility bill (showing your current address). 
  • TASCOL: Email and attach the Ban request form

Applying for an Extension 
  • An extension needs to be applied for PRIOR to the expiry date.  It is recommended you set a reminder a few days prior to the initial ban period ending (ie 19 days before).
  • You may receive an email from each of the CRA’s telling you the ban period is about to expire. 
  • You may directly respond to the email by saying you want to extend the ban or create a new one and remember to state your customer number. 
  • You will be required to provide a ‘reason’ for the extension ie: you have been subject to a compromise or theft of your personal identity information. 
  • You will also be required to provide either a police report number or an ACORN report number in order to validate your request. 

Ban Extension Periods 
  • ‍Lengths of time a ban may be extended varies: 
  • Experian will allow an individual to extend for any length of time ie: 1 year or 5 years. 
  • We have been informed that illion will extend bans for 12 months at a time, although this is not stated on their website.
  • Equifax will only allow extensions for 3 months at a time. 
  • TASCOL will extend for a further 21days, after which you can apply for a ‘notation’ on your report for further protection. 
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