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IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service. We are a not-for-profit Australian charity that was formed to address a critical support gap for individuals confronting identity and cyber security concerns. This gap requires specialist Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors and Analysts that apply a human-centred approach to identity and cyber security. This means we place at the centre of everything we do the concerns and needs of the individual, not the technology or process.

We support

We connect community to our expert Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors who listen and provide the best advice on how to respond to data breaches, scams, identity theft, and cyber security concerns.


Our independent and expert service is like no other. We conduct independent incident management reviews, we conduct leading research, and we share new knowledge.


We respond to many types of identity and cyber security concerns, including identity theft, hacking, phishing, telephone scams, romance scams, investment scams, data breaches, ransomware, and lost or stolen credentials.


We develop insights relating to individuals and organisations that address response deficiencies and vulnerabilities that impact community, customers and staff.

What type of organisation is IDCARE?

Some key facts about IDCARE

We do not charge individual community members for our base support service.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and registered Australian charity.

Since 2014 IDCARE has responded to over 30,000 contacts from across the Australian and New Zealand communities.

IDCARE maintains a library of over a thousand specific response plan requirements that provide our clients with a one-stop-shop on how to respond to their event.

Our Board consists of members on both sides of the Tasman.

IDCARE is the only place in the world you will find specialist Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors.

IDCARE is a direct response to a market failure relating to the inadequacy of response efforts impacting the community.

IDCARE is funded by its member organisations, grants, and cost-recovered services.

Any and all revenue generated must be re-invested in the delivery of our charitable services.

IDCARE was founded by a former Executive Director of the Australian Crime Commission, now appointed by the Board as its inaugural Managing Director.

Success Stories!


IDCARE 's core business is supporting the community. We offer outstanding service with dedicated Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors to help you with your cyber related concerns.


Thanks for your email, and I must congratulate you that you and your team are doing a great job.


I want you to know how professional your response was to our phone call; the right information, right contact details, right advice and genuine concern for the wellbeing of my Dad.


It is wonderful to have someone so skilled and understanding in a such a highly stressful situation. I would recommend your service to anyone who finds themselves in a situation of identity theft or cyber crime.

Success Stories!


IDCARE is here to provide you with specialist support and guidance when faced with a cyber and  identity related issue. Contact one of our Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors to learn more about our Support Services and how we can help you.   


1300 432 273
Mon - Fri : 8am - 5pm AEST


0800 201 415
Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm NZST