Outreach program mission

To extend our current practices and services, IDCARE reaches out and connects with vulnerable communities with a real personal presence, responding to the victims and fostering an enduring resilience in the fight against cybercrimes, scams and identity theft.

Our Cyber Resilience Outreach Clinics (CROC) consists of mobile pop-up clinics across outback Australia to ensure a wide and impactful coverage of remote and regional communities – targeting those most in need. These free community sessions raise awareness of scams, cybercrime and identity theft, and provides practical steps individuals can take to navigate safely online. The clinics can take the form of formal presentations to groups, stalls at community groups and events, and pop up clinics in public areas for the community to engage our cyber clinicians.

By taking our services on the road IDCARE is able to reach out to communities where many feel forgotten to provide personal direct priority access to IDCARE services and access to information and awareness. If you would like to partner with IDCARE to deliver Cyber Resilience Outreach Clinics in your region, please submit an Organisation Enquiry Form.
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Australia needs to re-imagine cybercrime prevention, awareness and response. It starts and ends with communities and their resilience. More than 80% of IDCARE clients self-detect, in other words, it’s not Government or banks or others that are the first detectors of such crimes. It’s victims and families, the bystanders across communities. We need to empower communities to build resilience to fight the hi-tech, deceptive and persuasive techniques employed by cyber criminals.
The solution to scams lies in our communities and building their resilience from within
By registering your interest and becoming a Community Champion  - you will help to raise awareness about the current scams, cyber-threats and online enabled crime affecting your community.

You will be our point of contact on the ground when CROC rolls into town!
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