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Immediate Incident Response

  • 24/7 Incident Response Advisor
  • Assessment and Response Planning
  • Notifications and Communications
  • National Case Management Centre
  • IDCARE Client Portal
  • Daily feedback on incident

Customer and Staff Care

  • Prioritised access to IDCARE’s National Case Management Centre
  • Individualised response plans
  • Unique referral code for your organisation
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Intelligence and Insights

  • Open and dark net monitoring
  • Profiling and alerting
  • Monthly reports on the latest topics, trends, issues and changes in identity and cyber security
  • Quarterly reports tailored to your business and industry
  • Case studies specific to your organisation and industry
  • Organisation and industry response plan testing

Resilience and Capacity Building

  • Independent review of privacy and incident response plans and policies
  • Build and test incident plans
  • Staff training including incident planning and response, scam and detection, and negotiating the identity response system

Capabilities Unique to IDCARE

  • National Case Management Centre
  • Incident Security Operations Centre
  • IDCARE Client Portal
  • Cyber First Aid

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Immediate Incident Response

Only IDCARE can provide expertise for incident responders on what over 100,000 engagements across impacted persons that experience privacy breaches want to know each year, how they will react, and what they really need when their information is exposed. Your incident response will benefit from the journey of more than a thousand organisations that have already utilised IDCARE’s expertise.

  • 24/7 Incident Response Advisor – an independent, objective and confidential “go to” person to test response options, decisions and strategies. To become an IDCARE Incident Response Advisor you need to earn your stripes and clock up a minimum of 100 incidents. You are not dealing with someone new. You are being advised by an industry leader.
  • Assessment and Response Planning – get the facts about the real risks and what can be done to address them. Stop risk chasing and let IDCARE connect you with its contemporary knowledge of real risk.
  • Notification and Communications – strategy development, stakeholder planning, regulatory notification drafting, and notification development and execution.
  • Impacted person care – provide impacted persons with their own IDCARE award winning Case Manager and exclusive access to our IDCARE Client Portal where IDCARE can carry the load for individuals in seeking to address their risks.
  • Close the Loop – get daily feeds on sentiment and feedback on how the incident is being managed from the voice of those impacted.

Customer and Staff Care

Our award winning National Case Management Centres are staffed by experts who know intimately what the real risks are when people have personal, account or credential information exposed and what can be done about it.

  • Connecting with our National Case Management Centres is a highly visible way you can inform staff and customers that your organisation cares about their information.
  • Our Case Managers listen, talk through concerns and needs, and develop unique plans for each client to address their identity and cyber security risks.
  • Our Service cuts the response time out and provides a one-stop-shop for account and device security protection and response.
  • You get a unique referral code, online referral gateway, priority treatment, and messaging that reinforces your role in their care.
  • Get the Bump! Organisations that connect with IDCARE’s National Case Management Centres located in Australia and New Zealand receive higher net promoter scores and customer satisfaction than those organisations who do not formally engage our expert service.
  • Exclusive - IDCARE’s Case Management Centres are not available for organisations involved in data breach incidents without having first engaged IDCARE with a formal agreement.

Intelligence and Insights

One way we can lift response standards and support our community is by supporting organisations with access to our unique intelligence and insights.

  • Our Identity Security Operations Centre continuously monitors the online environment for instances of data breaches, ransomware postings, and the trading of personal and account information.
  • We perform our profiling and alerting on behalf of national security agencies, law enforcement and organisations that experience data breach events.
  • We often see things well in advance of others because our monitoring is bespoke, tailored to the Australian and New Zealand contexts, and does not rely on a vendor’s products.
  • We provide daily alerting, monthly reporting, and quarterly benchmarking.
  • Through analysis of client engagements with our National Case Management Centres, IDCARE can provide case studies specific to your industry and organisation.
  • Our team continuously tests organisational responses across many different scenarios whether they are a partner of IDCARE or not. Our response plan and testing library is second to none and it helps us understand what it preventable, what an impacted person can expect, and where the gaps are.
  • Our customer satisfaction and sentiment measures are highly informative for organisations striving for customer-first outcomes. We benchmark across specific scenarios, organisations and markets. We know intimately who is “naughty” and who is “nice” when it comes to customer engagement and support.

Resilience and Capacity Building

IDCARE can build your organisation’s resilience and capabilities in a number of ways:

  • Provide an independent and expert review of privacy and incident response plans and policies
  • Build incident response plans, test incident scenarios and incident response teams against the contemporary threats we know are hitting others
  • Train staff at the frontline on:
  • Anticipating breached customer and staff needs, preparing for common reactions, and treating concerns
  • How to spot and engage scam victims, including relationship, employment and investment scam victims
  • Train incident responders, privacy and cyber security staff on:
  • Our response system, how it works, what it can and cannot offer, and what it means when dealing with privacy incidents
  • Planning for incident response – practical tips and tricks on what to expect, what’s unanticipated, what good notifications look like, and preparation tips

Capabilities Unique to IDCARE

What do you get from IDCARE that you will find nowhere else?

  • National Case Management Centres resourced with experts who live and breathe everyday risks and responses to the exposure of personal, account and credential information. It is literally a one-stop-shop for anyone who has concerns about their information and the devices that hold such details.
  • Identity Security Operations Centre analysts are on watch every day. They detect breaches, inform community members when they see their credentials exposed, and continuously test the response environment. IDCARE commenced monitoring the dark net environment for law enforcement before most had even heard of the dark net. We know intimately the forums, the markets, the vendors and their products. We know where to look and what needs attention.
  • Cyber First Aid is a world first counter-scam proprietary capability. When a staff member or customer experiences the compromise of a device (mobile, tablet or computer) our Cyber First Aid cleans the device, addresses account security vulnerabilities, removes persistent remote access software instances, and gives clients a clean bill of health. It can be delivered anywhere in the world and gives confidence and assurance to users that their devices have countered the scam!
  • The IDCARE Client Portal is our online portal which connects industry and government on behalf of community members that need to protect their personal information. It allows IDCARE to do the heavy lifting for customers that would otherwise be on their own to put in place protection and response measures when bad things happen. The IDCARE Client Portal saves time and in doing so, creates prevention opportunities to disrupt the criminals that want to exploit personal, account and credential information.


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IDCARE is here to provide you with specialist support and guidance when faced with a cyber and identity related issue. Contact one of our Business Relationship coordinator to learn more about our Support Services and how we can help you. 
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