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Australia Post Phishing Scam

Phishing text message appearing to come from Australia Post.


December 7, 2018

Mobile apps and security

There is limited regulation around the posting of new apps from download stores.


December 4, 2018

Marriott data breach

What Australians and New Zealanders need to know about the Marriott data breach...

Data Breaches

December 1, 2018

Medicare Rebate Scam

IDCARE has been inundated with calls from people who have received a text message scam referring to a $200 Medicare rebate.


November 28, 2018

Scams targeting Australia Post customers

Scams targeting Australia Post customers


November 28, 2018

iappANZ Annual Summit – Melbourne 2018

Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner discusses latest quarterly report on the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme.


November 1, 2018

Cathay Pacific Data Breach

Today Cathay Pacific publicly notified the probable compromise of personal and account related information of some 9.4m customers.

Data Breaches

October 25, 2018

Blackmail Scams

Blackmail emails are a popular way for criminals to make money.


October 16, 2018

Facebook Security Incident - Update

Implications of Facebook data compromise for Australian and New Zealand users.

Data Breaches

October 13, 2018

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