A year in review & where we get our funding

A year in review & where we get our funding

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December 11, 2020

It’s hard to believe that since 2014, IDCARE has responded to over 275,900 client engagements from people who experienced a cyber-enabled crime.

It’s even harder to believe this was achieved without any annual appropriations from Government or grants.

IDCARE is a registered not-for-profit and an Australian and New Zealand charity. Our funding streams come from a few organisations in industry and government who take the view referral to our case management centre should be accompanied by a financial contribution. We simply could not exist without this funding source.

We work for every dollar and we use every dollar to make a difference to the lives of many. This is what we've achieved together this year:

  • In 2020 IDCARE witnessed a 76% jump in demand from across the community from people who have experienced identity theft, scams and cybercrimes;
  • Our case managers had 86,271 engagements for the year dating to December 1, equating to around 28,000 hours in specialist case management support;
  • We welcomed some positive changes in the response environment, including:
  1. Amendments to the Privacy (Credit Code) Act 2004 that means that consumers only have to request from one credit reporting bureau a credit ban from all three bureaus rather than have to engage others.
  2. Amendments to identification requirements under telecommunications legislation.
  3. We shared in delivering a whole of payment system response standard for organisations in working with customers of scams and identity crimes;
  • We featured in over 200 news articles, reaching international audiences that exceeded 100 million people;
  • We supported data breach responses that impacted over a million Australians and 200,000 New Zealanders;
  • We also detected 15 previously unknown breaches;
  • We produced approximately 600 profiling alerts, eight special reports, and contributed submissions to the federal government, sharing and creating new knowledge and response opportunities;
  • Given the unique international service offered, we supported individuals that resided in 31 different countries;
  • We managed to disrupt organised crime in partnership with Government regulators by taking down websites and scam phone numbers.

On behalf of the 86,270 (and counting) people and families we touched this year, a VERY BIG thank you. Here’s the list of Our Subscribers who made it happen.

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