Hello Tin Can Bay! Our CROC team came to visit.

What do CROCs and dolphins have in common? The answer is Tin Can Bay!

Tin Can Bay, around two hours north of Brisbane, is one of the few places in Australia where you can hand-feed a wild dolphin.

However, it is also an area that scammers love to target, which is why our Cyber Resilience Outreach Clinics (CROC) went to visit on Friday, 11 February.

We met up with the area councillor, Jess Milne, who lives in the quaint town and she provided us insights into her local community.

We've given her plenty of information about IDCARE and our CROC clinics and she will pass these on to her constituents who have been impacted by identity theft and cybercrime.

We also caught up with the Solo Seniors at the regular Friday morning tea. One of the group had plenty of experience to share around his experiences with scammers!

Others admitted they were very reluctant to go online and relied on doing their banking and meeting up with essential services in person. The questions they asked included:

  • How do I stop scam texts?
  • What's a password manager?
  • I don't go online for banking and I don't have social media, surely I can't be at risk?

We hope we provided some reassurance that learning to go online is worthwhile, particularly when you learn to do it safely. We shared simple tips that should facilitate this process.

We also stopped in at the library and have left information there for those who may have missed us on our visit.