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If you’ve received a phishing text message, email, or suspicious phone call please let us know by emailing us.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that forwarding an email to the phishing team will not generate a call back.
If you have responded to a scam or you would like to speak with an Identity & Cyber Security Counsellor directly,
please call us on

AUS: 1300 432 273
NZ: 0800 201 415

or submit a ‘Web Request’ and we’ll call you back.
Report Phishing

What is phising

Before a scammer can successfully misuse your ID they need information about you. The way they collect this information is by ‘phishing’ for more information. Commonly this will occur through a phone call, text message or an email. A scammer will usually pretend to be from a trusted organisation and have a valid sounding story explaining why they are contacting you. The whole purpose for this contact is to gather information that will enable them to gain access to online accounts or to commit identity theft.

To learn more about phishing please see our Learning Centre and phishing emails detection & prevention video.


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IDCARE'S Learning Centre is a key resource for visitors to learn how to prepare, prevent, detect and respond. This is where IDCARE prescribes and offers immediate treatment.