Each year, through Stay Smart Online Week, the Australian Government works with governments, industry, small business operators and community groups to raise awareness about the ways people can protect themselves online.

The national awareness week is held in October each year and focuses on a key theme that highlights an important safety message. This year, Stay Smart Online week will take place from 7–13 October, so make sure you
join our community and get involved!

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Identity & Cyber Crime Impacts on the Australian Community and Current Scams

As part of Stay Smart Online Week, IDCARE have developed an ‘Identity & Cyber Security Community Aftermath Report 2018’ for each Australian State and federal electorate. The report provides a perspective on the impact of identity and cyber-related crimes on the residents of each State and electorate. The reports can be found below listed by state.

The Aftermath Report provides you with more information about the nature and consequences of the growing threat from identity and cyber-crimes. The nature of this type of crime is opportunistic and relentless, often pursuing thousands of contacts to maximise the opportunity for financial gain. This can be overwhelming for victims and IDCARE provides the only free, victim support service that will take people through the steps they can take to best protect and recover their identity.  

The true impact of this type of crime cannot be underestimated. Recent estimates by the Attorney-General’s Department indicate that identity crime costs Australia upwards of $1.6 billion each year, with the majority (around $900m) lost by individuals through credit card fraud, identity theft and scams. More alarmingly, identity crime continues to be a key enabler of serious and organised crime, which in turn costs Australia around $15 billion annually.

Should you need assistance in dealing with identity fraud and cyber–related crime please feel free to call on 1300 432 273 or submit a web request.

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IDCARE'S Learning Centre is a key resource for visitors to learn how to prepare, prevent, detect and respond. This is where IDCARE prescribes and offers immediate treatment.


IDCARE is here to provide you with specialist support and guidance when faced with a cyber and identity related issue. Contact one of our Identity & Cyber Security Case Managers to learn more about our Support Services and how we can help you.   

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