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What is a Credit Report? 

A credit report provides a ‘picture’ of how you use credit. As an example, if you have ever owned a credit card, taken out a finance loan, or applied for a mobile phone plan you will probably have a credit history. Your credit history may include information such as enquiries by companies that you have made an application for credit to, current loans, any defaults, bankruptcies, and details about whether you pay your bills on time. This ‘picture’ is used by credit providers when deciding whether or not to approve an application for credit.

Should I request a copy of my own Credit Report?

A credit report will show any credit history uploaded on your file and will usually include a credit score which is a representation of your risk to credit lenders. A higher score represents low risk, whilst a lower score represents more risk to a prospective lender.

By getting a copy of your credit report you will be able to see which lenders have made an enquiry on your credit file and what information is being uploaded to your file from lenders that you have a current loan facility with. You will be able to check that all the information uploaded on your file is accurate or make a request for an amendment if you believe there is an error.

Importantly, a copy of your credit report is also a means to assess whether someone has attempted to obtain credit in your name. Requesting a copy of your credit report on a regular basis is a way you can monitor your file to ensure no errors are on your report.

How do I obtain a Free Credit Report? 

In New Zealand, there is no limit to the number of credit reports an individual can request each year and the obligation is on the agency to deliver them within 10 working days.

  • Request a free credit report from all three credit reporting agencies as some may gather credit information others have missed.
  • The links below will take you to an online application form for each of the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs). You will be required to complete the application details, provide personal identifying information.
  • If you have a current NZ Driver Licence, it will usually be verified electronically with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and your application will be processed automatically, if verified. Other forms of identity may also be verified electronically or manually, and this varies by credit bureau.
  1. Equifax
  2. illion
  3. Centrix

If you would like help understanding the process or need assistance in obtaining or interpreting your credit report please contact IDCARE

Under what circumstance will I need to pay for a Credit Report? 
  • Equifax may charge a fee for the report if you require it sooner than ten days from your application date. Centrix and Illion do not charge for credit reports.

What if my identity has been compromised? 
  • If there is risk that your identity may be fraudulently used, or has already been used, it is recommended that a suppression be placed on your credit file (see Suppressions New Zealand).
  • Report the matter to police and notify your financial institution(s).
  • Consider changing passwords for all online accounts (especially your email accounts, banking, and government agencies).
  • Any fraudulent access to your file needs to be addressed, even enquiries that were not approved. Contact the organisation where the misuse has occurred to begin an investigation.

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