A CROC clinic at Australia's most iconic (but not the biggest) rock

Here's a fun fact: Uluru is not Australia's biggest rock.

That title goes to Mount Augustus in Western Australia, which isn't only Australia's biggest rock (at about two-and-a-half times the size of Uluru) it is also the world's biggest rock.

However, our CROC clinic decided the township of Yulara, at the base of Uluru, needed awareness about cyber safety due to the large number of tourists passing through and the excellent internet connection available at the town centre.

Excellent internet connection, except on the day we arrived.

It turned out there was an "outage" in the area and we couldn't even check in properly.

The outage gave us a good opportunity when hosting our CROC clinic in the centre of the town to talk with passers-by and the shop owners about nbn scams - with scammers regularly posing as the being from "Telstra" to improve internet access.

The Scream at a Scammer booth proved to be a popular attraction with many tourists taking the opportunity to deliver a message to scammers.

Shazz who is originally from New Zealand but was living in Brisbane, didn't hold back.

F*** Off Scammers!

And while her message might not have been PG-rated, it conveyed the frustration many people feel.

She had so nearly been caught out in the "Border Control" scam.