A CROC in Baringa


Our Headquarters CROC Crew kept it local this time when they popped down the road to Baringa. 


The Grandparents as Parents (GAP) group reached out to IDCARE and requested help with setting up two-factor-authentication on their devices.  The CROC Team answered the call and jumped in the cybertruck…with the IDCARE HQ located in Caloundra, there wasn’t even time to grab a coffee on the way. In the true spirit of CROC bringing IDCARE’s full suite of services on the road, we grabbed Nat, the head of our Cyber First Aid program, to help out with this one. 

Nat and Kim discuss security options


The cybertruck parked at the back of the Community Centre and rolled out the awning.  After a short presentation about two-factor-authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA), it was time to go hands on and help the GAP members download authenticator apps and update security settings on their accounts.

Gathered around the cybertruck


We are always eager to explain how to set up two-factor-authentication as experience shows us time and time again it is the number one simple step that stops most cybercrime. We’ve even created a video that you'll find on our Learning Centre which explains in detail how to do it.


While we were there, we pitched the Scream at a Scammer booth and gave the GAP members an opportunity to vent in the tent. They loved it. Take a listen to Kim and what she has to say in response to all the scam calls she has been receiving.

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