What do primary school kids know about cyber safety?

When we arrived at Yulara School (near Uluru) and realised we were talking to children aged between five and 12 years old we were a little intimidated.

What were we going to be able to teach children about scammers who weren't the correct legal age for most apps or social media and probably shouldn't own a smart phone anyway?

Education Rocks!

Dave (aka The Boss) was best equipped to provide advice. After all, he has four daughters (aged between five and 16) and he loaded up "Forky Ask a A Question - What is a Computer".

Forky provided a good ice-breaker, but it turned out we needn't have worried about the content. The kids had so many questions and were well-informed as to the risks of engaging with people they did not know. They also were very across using computersand several already owned their own phones.

The useful part of the session was being able to speak to the children about setting up accounts safely and they were 100% engaged.

Questions included:
"How do you know if a website is not real?"
"Can anything go wrong on Minecraft?"
"My mum keeps getting texts from Australia Post about parcels, what does that mean?"

The school principal also asked questions about text messaging as the Flubot malware scam had been impacting the teaching staff too.

The session at Yulara proved education on cyber safety needs to start in primary school. These kids were far more informed and engaged online than we anticipated and now they have a bigger understanding of the risks, which they can also share with their family at home.