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IDCARE as New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support community service has been engaged by Pinnacle to assist community members who have concerns about the exposure of their personal information. 

Whilst investigations continue into this privacy breach, IDCARE advises New Zealand community members that have a connection with Pinnacle to:

Be on the look out for emails, phone calls and text messages purporting to be from Pinnacle, financial institutions, telecommunications carriers, Government or other response agencies that request that you click on a link, provide personal or credential information, or request that you provide remote access to your device. Unfortunately, scammers and cybercriminals leverage privacy breach events in seeking to deceive community members to provide personal, account or credential information, infect devices, or motivate individuals to perform actions as part of a scam. IDCARE recommends:

  • Never respond to unsolicited communications, even if the individual communicating with you knows a little bit about you, without first making your own enquiries using alternative contact methods;
  • Don’t fall under the spell of a scammer because they have shocked you or created a sense of urgency – whether this be because of an apparent negative consequence or indeed a positive reward. Scammers want you to act without thinking and will try and incentivise you to behave in this way;
  • Keep abreast of developments in relation to this privacy breach by visiting Pinnacle’s website.
  • If you believe you have responded to a scam communication, please complete an IDCARE Get Help for Individuals form or call our New Zealand Case Management Centre on 0800 121 068 between 9am NZDT and 7pm NZDT Monday to Friday.

Stay abreast of the latest scams impacting the New Zealand community via IDCARE’s News and Media website, Facebook page, and by subscribing to our free community newsletter, Cyber Sushi.