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IDCARE Impersonations

We have recently become aware of instances where IDCARE is being impersonated through fraudulent phone calls and emails.

If you are being shown this website to “prove” that you are speaking with IDCARE, END THE CALL NOW

Scammers impersonating our national community service will:

Show you or take you to this website in an attempt to “prove” they are IDCARE;

Give you an employee ID in an attempt to sound legitimate;

Send you information that’s not detailed and not from an email ending in;

They will call or email or SMS or messenger YOU, rather than you making contact via;

They may ask for your personal information or credentials.

By engaging our Get Help Form and commencing the process with one of our case managers you will know there are specific ways to confirm the legitimacy of the communication you have received that only you and IDCARE knows. will never ask you for payment or personal information for our case management services.

If you have received a communication that impersonates IDCARE please email

If you believe you have experienced a scam impersonating IDCARE or any other organisation, please complete an IDCARE Get Help form to request assistance.