Explaining ‘Do not call’, Silent Numbers and Telephone Scams

Explaining ‘Do not call’, Silent Numbers and Telephone Scams

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November 8, 2019

Australia and New Zealand have “do not call” registers where people can list a phone number that direct marketers must not call. Scammers do not receive these lists, and even if they did, would probably use them in the opposite way. 

Put simply, ‘do not call’ does not stop scammers. It never has. It stops honest people, not dishonest people pretending to be Government and business brands trying to convince people of some emergency (like phone disconnection, a device being hacked or tax that has not been paid) or some win (like a Government grant, inheritance or lost savings).

Silent numbers are offered to people who do not want their numbers revealed in public telephone listings or directories. Having a silent number doesn’t mean people can’t call it, it just means it’s not easily found. 

How come scammers call me on my silent number?

Scammers are transnational organised crime groups impacting our communities that use technologies that generate random numbers that just cycle through until they get someone to answer. These generated numbers are going to include silent numbers as well as those on ‘do not call’ registers.

So why would I bother having a silent number or register on‘do not call’?

It’s a good way to confirm whether calls you receive are from dishonest people. For more about protecting yourself, the psychology of scamming and the latest trends and response advice visit idcare.org

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